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Stainless steel railing
Stainless steel railing

Stainless steel railing is made by stainless steel base on different function for Bridge Railings / Handrails, Deck Railings / Handrails, Porch Railings / Handrails, Stair Railings / Handrails. After cutting,punching,welding,chemical treatment, then power coated in different color or no need power coated.

Railing color option:
1. Standard color:Black frosted, white, grass green, sky-blue, black, bright golden,bright silver,gray frosted
2. Special color: champagne,bronze, powder can be adjusted according to special color

1. Quick install, with plug connection patent, improve installation efficiency greatly.
2. Popular design, cost effective railing solution
Strong, resistant to corrosion and weathering,can up to 20years without rust.
3. Solder less, avoid harm and pollution from welding.
4. Specification,size and colors can be customized.

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