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Wire Mesh fence
Wire Mesh fence

Wire mesh fence specification 
Wire diameter: 3.5-5.5mm;
Mesh size: 1.8x 3m;

Peach shaped column wire mesh fence
Mesh size: 50 X150mm, 50X200mm;
The net height: 1.8m;
The pitch: 3m
Overall color: dark green, green grass, white
Standard Specification for peach upright post
Size: 7cm*10cm, 7cm*15cm
Wall thickness: 0.8mm-2mm

Scope of application
Villa Park fence with peach shaped column, mainly used for highway, villas, airports, public places, isolation and protection of scenic sightseeing area. Peach shaped column type Y wire can also be used for high-grade villa door, airport and prison.

Peach shaped column fence features
The utility model is connected with a peach shaped upright post by a bent fence wire mesh, and has the advantages of strong decoration, beautiful appearance and firmness and anti-theft

Structural description of column
The thickness of the plate general peach shaped column is 1-1.2mm. Through the cold pressing machine, roll forming. The outer cylinder is elliptic, inner two plates are connected after each bent outward type U, which is the hook part. For the convenience of the peach shaped upright post is connected with the mesh, according to the inside of a post of net size, the extension of the column the length of uniform set group N hook gap are distributed on both sides of the column, the oval column external and outer hooks of the U type straight edge tangent, effectively prevent is prized, guarantee the performance of anti-theft security fence.

Peach shaped column fence surface treatment has three forms
Galvanized, spray painting and PVC. By three kinds of surface treatment, highlighting the peach shaped column is beautiful, generous, is a decorative role, more important is to extend the service life of the cylinder, to ensure that the 10 years of immortality.

Method for designing column fence of peach shaped column
The main material type steel column, steel reinforced concrete column wood, column, composite columns. The material selection should consider the landscape coordination, with mesh or wire, ease of construction, security and other factors, and strive to achieve according to local conditions, local materials.

The peach shaped fence, the commonly used steel or steel support column column. For the cost considerations, general steel mesh and metal mesh only in the interchange, the parking area service area has important facilities and has higher requirements on landscape area, still should adopt the peach shaped fence the general sections

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