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Railing/fence is made by metal, galvanized steel,aluminum alloy,stainless steel, base on different function for Bridge Railings / Handrails, Deck Railings / Handrails, Porch Railings / Handrails, Stair Railings / Handrails,Road fence,oudoor security fencing. After cutting,punching,welding,chemical treatment, then power coated in different color.

Size of railing /fence material specification as below:
Size can be customized. generally for different parts of railing, have different size.
Top tube: 40*80/30*6 oval tube, 40*60/40*80 rectangle tube 50*50/ 60*60 square tube
Post:40*40/ 50*50/60*60/80*80 square tube
Horizontal tube::45*45/ 40*40/32*32/50*50/25*25 square tube
Vertical tube:25*25/19*19/19*19/30*30 square tube



Steel Railing color option:
1. Standard color:Black frosted, white, grass green, sky-blue, black, bright golden,bright silver,gray frosted
2. Special color: champagne,bronze, powder can be adjusted according to special color



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